Triumph Uganda engages in activities that are focused on support, awareness and education  



Supporting the setting up of Mutual support group across gender

Creating awareness

Awareness raising and sensitisation Campaigns to promote health and mental health well-being and dignity of a person.

Advocacy Networking and Partnership

TU seeks for every opportunity to working in partnership with other institutions/partners to advocate for Rights, improved availability, accessibility, financing, of quality integrated mental health services in communities and Public health services

Community healthy Education

TU conducts community education activities for all ages on issues about mental health using different approaches like; community dialogue sessions for community leaders and family members affected by psycho-social disabilities, radio talk shows, Peer Led health talks for family members.

Psycho-social support services

Provision of Psycho-social support services is done through mutual support group meetings, different Peer-Led models like: Peer support counselling, home visit by expert peers, Counselling during hospital visits.

Training in Mental Health first aid

This is a 6 –days training program targeting mental health service providers, Peer support groups, family members, and Armed Forces. And their communities

Our capacity building activities

Capacity building, Mentoring and Leadership development, Research, Documentation and Advocacy Music, dance, drama, Art and crafts

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